Markus Essien, b. 1969,

Based in Aurora, Colorado, USA


I'm a story teller. Whether writing copy for clients like The World Bank or U.S. Postal Service; directing chamber operas; composing music for Vox Media; or editing narratives and documentaries, I enjoy crafting stories that entertain and illuminate. Technology has democratized filmmaking but technology is only a tool. The heart of good filmmaking is good storytelling—story is everything. I'd love to hear what you're working on and how you think I can help. Until then, best of luck on your journey.

I continue to work as a freelance filmmaker but have recently become a Member-Owner Candidate at Truce. 


A Single Thread, Producer (in post)

Pandora Machine | Editor
Red Dog. Scooter. Applesauce. | 1st AD

Moving | Writer, Director, Editor

Philomel | Stage Director

Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge | ibid

Orange Juice and Vicodin | Writer, Dir.

Mother Brother Sister Hooker | Writer

The Thought | Writer, Director


Not My Name, a documentary

A director and actor, connected by a comedy web series, explore their respective identities—trying their best to laugh through the pain of personal growth in a culture that continues to reveal its hatred for their very existence.

In the face of a country that is suffering the consequences of capitalism and at risk of tumbling into apartheid, defining oneself has never been more critical. 

[In development]


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