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Markus Essien, b. 1969,

Based in Aurora, Colorado, USA


I'm a story teller. Whether writing copy for clients like The World Bank or U.S. Postal Service; directing chamber operas; composing music; or writing/directing/producing narratives or documentaries, I enjoy crafting stories that entertain and illuminate. Technology has democratized filmmaking but technology is only a tool. The heart of good filmmaking is good storytelling—story is everything. I'd love to hear what you're working on and how you think I can help. Until then, best of luck on your journey.

I continue to work as a freelance filmmaker but have recently become a Member-Owner Candidate at Truce. 


Non Emergency Medical Transport |1st AD

A Single Thread | Producer

Pandora Machine | Editor
Red Dog. Scooter. Applesauce. | 1st AD

Moving | Writer, Director, Editor

Philomel | Stage Director

Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge | ibid

Orange Juice and Vicodin | Writer, Dir.

Mother Brother Sister Hooker | Writer

The Thought | Writer, Director

Chalupa, Spring 2023

I will be serving at 1st Assistant Director on Chalupa, a feature film from MCMFilms. It is a face-paced action, crime, drama. I'm looking forward to working with director Michael Merino again after 20 years. Merino's last film Acceleration (2019), starring Dolph Lundgren and Danny Trejo, was distributed internationally. Chalupa already has some wonderful names attached—I can't share yet but stay tuned.


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