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Essien is a producer, director, and writer at Essien Productions and Truce Media. Additionally, he is a member of FWD-Doc, whose mission is to build a more inclusive, accessible, and equitable entertainment industry. He currently wrapping up a few documentary projects and looking forward to starting his first project for PBS.


With a diverse and accomplished career in filmmaking, theater, music, and education, Essien is a creative force driven by passion and purpose. His journey in film has seen him contribute to both feature and short films, culminating in his recent role as the writer and director of a forthcoming film Teranga: An African Homecoming.

Beyond filmmaking, he has left his mark on the stage, directing the U.S. premiere of "The Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" and the New York premiere of "Philomel" for Opera Works. A multifaceted artist, Essien is also the founder and bassist of the Equity and Social Justice Quartet, an ensemble dedicated to raising awareness and funds for non-profit organizations. Notably, he composed the theme for Jeffrey Robinson's podcast, "Who We Are."

In education, Essien brings over two decades of experience as a teacher and leader. His expertise has been sought by prominent organizations globally, including Chan Zuckerberg, Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted, Gifted Institute (Denmark), Kind en Beeld, and African Leadership Group. Currently, Essien is shaping the future of filmmaking through an incubator program with FWD-Doc for filmmakers with disabilities. His journey is a testament to the transformative power of creativity, education, and advocacy.

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