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Director's Journal

I Remember


For actors to elicit memories that have helped form their psyche and world-view



Create a document to share with the director:

  1. Choose (2) aspects of your identity to explore—e.g. sexuality and race, gender and class. 

  2. Think about your earliest understanding of each identity.

  3. Each memory will be stated in one sentence and you will start each sentence with “I remember”followed by the memory. A memory about being Black might be: “I remember Alan Silber rubbing my head and saying, “You have nice fuzzy hair.” 

  4. Continue listing “I remember” statements in chronological order from as far back as you can remember up to the present.

  5. Please try your best to create your memories interlinearly——i.e. Don’t make two separate lists, one about being Catholic and one about being a woman.

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