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10 Essential Questions

The relationship between the student and teacher is arguably the most important consideration in the learning process. To that end,  let's explore how you know the following are true:

In the process of learning, the student…

  1. Feels the teacher is warm and supportive

  2. Believes the teacher is helping

  3. Feels changed by the learning experience

  4. Feels a rapport with the teacher

  5. Feels the teacher respects and values the student

  6. Can convey a belief in the value of the learning process

  7. Experiences the relationship as working together in a joint effort

  8. Shares similar conceptions about the source of the problems that arise

  9. Expresses belief about being increasingly able to solve problems

  10. Demonstrates abilities similar to those of the teacher in terms of being able to use the tools for understanding—the ultimate goal is that a student become their own best teacher

After considering these questions, make a list of evidence from your practice and experience. As an extension, consider the role of parents/guardians as it relates to these questions.

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