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Solitude in Two Voices

The words and wisdom of author Jon Marcantoni and poetess Julia de Burgos (as read by Venus Cruz) playout over long-held shots of Denver's Arts District. Can an artist also be a revolutionary? The visuals are inspired by Chantel Akerman's News From Home. Trailer

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Teranga: An African Homecoming

"Breaking barriers to build bridges" is central to the theme of Teranga. The film will feature interviews with Black Americans exploring their identities, their visit to Senegal, and the music of Baaba Maal. A short clip. (In production) 

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Art Cancelling Culture

A Lanape story told through a mural painted over several days. Featuring TS Botkin, Nonie Cruzado, Cleng Sumagaysay, and Adam Waterbear DePaul. (In post-production) 

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Barriers Included

An aspiring black filmmaker gains insight and inspiration from other black filmmakers, as they share the barriers they have faced pursuing careers in film and television—and how they overcame them to find success. (In post-production) 

Shooting Back

In his first film “Saudi Aurora,” photographer and filmmaker Brien Hollowell puts gun violence in focus and all of us on notice. Inspired by the Aurora theater shooting, Brien is creating a series of immersive films to evoke emotion and inspire action. (In production) 

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Chicken & Waffles

Nicolas and Lina are a couple who run a successful Belgian Waffle/Soul Food restaurant. Nicolas has ambitions to open a high-end restaurant worthy of a four-star rating. Lina longs to travel the world as a photo journalist. There are tension between the couple, but after receiving results from a DNA test, things go from bad to worse.

Chicken & Waffles is an unrelenting and unapologetic drama that proves that history isn't always so easy to leave in the past—and maybe love doesn't conquer all. (Scripted; on hold) 

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Dope Cycles

Three bicycle shop employees are the country's harshest critics. This witty, quick-hitting comedy explores current events and long held beliefs that have shaped this country.

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